NRC-Atlantic Bioinformatics Laboratory

The following projects are or were developed in the NRC-IIT Bioinformatics Laboratory. The projects are developed in collaboration with partners and the access to some project webpages may be restricted for the general public.

If you are interested in technology transfer and licensing opportunities related to these projects please contact the NRC-IIT Business Office.


 The Circular Secondary Structure Uncertainty Plot (CS2-UPlot): an intuitive visual representation of an RNA secondary structure that includes the uncertainty of all possible base pairings.
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 The Plant Orthology Browser (POB): an Orthology and Gene Order Visualizer for Plant Comparative Genomics.
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 The Microarray Manual Curation Tool (MMCT): manual qualitative exploration of individual probes on various microarray chipsets (currently only Affymetrix data is available).
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 The Gene Order Browser: visualization of orthology relationships between Human and Mouse genes.
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 Modeling of short DNA duplex hybridization: doublet and triplet-based nearest-neghbour parametric modeling.
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 MicroDes: a specialized software that assists users in the process of designing highly specific DNA probe sequences for a given set of targets.
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Computational Biology

 MetaboHunter: fast and automatic 1H-NMR metabolite fingerprinting in complex mixtures.
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Health Informatics

 Find my clinic! Trouvez ma clinique!: a Google Maps application for location of nearby clinics open at user specified times (information currently limitted to New Brunswick).
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