About MetaboHunter


MetaboHunter is a web server application for semi-automatic assignment of 1D NMR spectra of metabolites. MetaboHunter provides tools for metabolite identification based on spectra or peak lists with three different search methods and with possibility for peak drift in a user defined spectral range. The assignment is performed by comparison with two major publically available databases (HMDB, MMCD) of NMR metabolite standard measurements. In this work we present the Web tool with detailed testing of the methods provided in the Supplementary data.


MetaboHunter makes use of 867 HMDB and 448 MMCD NMR spectra. All spectra have been manually curated.

User input parameters

Data availability

The lists of curated peaks used by MetaboHunter can be downloaded here: HMDB peaks, MMCD peaks.


Please cite our paper if you use Metabohunter in your work.

Tulpan, D., Léger, S., Belliveau, L., Culf, A., Cuperlovic-Culf, M. (2011). MetaboHunter: semi-automatic identification of 1H-NMR metabolite spectra in complex mixtures. BMC Bioinformatics 2011, 12:400.