Gene Order Browser options

Gene Symbol or Ensembl GeneId: [example: IRAK4 or ENSG00000130827] [RBBHs]
Number of flanking genes: [recommended: 1-10]

Click on a gene to centre the browser around this gene.  Click on a gene name or ID to link to the corresponding Ensembl entry.  Use the arrows to browse along a chromosome.  See below the image for a legend and other options including the ability to go back to previous views.

Download image: image.png;     Chromosome synteny view: here     Previous views (max. 5): none

Color legend:

blue:  query RBBH.
black:  genes with RBBHs inside the visualization window.
skyblue:  genes with RBBHs falling outside the visualization window on the same Human or Mouse chromosome.
green:  genes with RBBHs falling on Human or Mouse chromosomes outside the visualization window.
lightgray:  genes that don't have RBBHs.