About the Human-Mouse gene order visualizer

The Gene Order Browser is currently being developed as part of the Pathogenomics of Innate Immunity Project (PI2) to aid in identifying high quality orthologous genes in Human and Mouse. You can interactively visualize the order of Human and Mouse orthologous genes by using our visualization tool.


Gene Order Browser contains 16006 reciprocal best BLAST hits (RBBHs) commonly predicted by blastn and blastp. A summary of the distribution of RBBHs for each pair of chromosomes is available here.


Here is a sample Gene Order Browser image of Human gene RAB40B flanked by 10 genes on each side.

Color legend:

blue:  query RBBH.
black:  genes with RBBHs inside the visualization window.
skyblue:  genes with RBBHs falling outside the visualization window on the same Human or Mouse chromosome.
green:  genes with RBBHs falling on Human or Mouse chromosomes outside the visualization window.
lightgray:  genes that don't have RBBHs.


Note: The source code is freely avilable for use with other gene datasets from other annotation versions and other organisms.