ACM-SAC 2012 Conference Track on Bioinformatics and Computational Systems Biology (BIO) - Riva del Garda Congress Center, Italy, March 2012

Guidelines for Submission

Papers submitted in the conference topics will undergo a double blind review process, as in the tradition of ACM. Expert reviewers in the field of computer science, applied mathematics, systems biology and bioinformatics will be recruited to review each paper from their perspective, and to provide comments and suggestions on each paper submission from three main points of view namely: computer science, application utility, and life science (mostly focused on biology).

Original and unpublished papers are solicited for this track. The file format should be either Post Script or PDF (PDF preferred). The author(s) name(s) and address(es) must not appear in the body of the paper, and self-reference should be in the third person. This is to facilitate blind review. Only the title should be shown at the first page without the author's information. Papers must be formatted according to the template which is available at the SAC 2012 website:

Full paper size is limited to 6 pages according to the above mentioned template, being allowed a maximum of 2 extra pages at the additional cost of 80 USD per extra page. Poster papers are limitted to 2 pages and no additional pages are permitted. A few key words should be provided. A paper cannot be sent to more than one track. Original manuscripts should be submitted in electronic format through the START Conference manager web site:

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